Facility Management

Facility Management

Clean4u offers the best Facilities Management Services in town. It is especially designed for all industrial setups in order to match the strategic and operational objectives of an organization. Agreeing to the fact that different type of business requires different facility management services. Hence, we have a wide range of flexible and transparent facilities management services that can be altered as per each customer’s unique needs and specifications. However, now days most of the organizations believe in outsourcing these services, instead of hiring in-house services since it results in increase in the overhead cost. Clean4u provides you these services from time to time plus reduces your additional expenses.

Our Facilities Management Services include Operation and Maintenance, Housekeeping and Janitorial, Garden and Lawn Maintenance, Pest Control, Business Support Service, Facade Cleaning, Staffing, Food and Vending Services, Building Fabric and Asset Maintenance, Plant Maintenance, Security Services, Mailroom Management, Specialized Services, Carpet cleaning, Marble crystallization, Upholstery cleaning, Supply of personal hygiene and consumables, Supply of equipment’s, Space Management, Compliance Management, Staffing and Payroll, Admin Outsourcing, Minor Civil Works and fit outs, Repair and Maintenance, Moves , Adds and Changes and Vendor Management.

Clean4u maintains a consistency of delivering high standard services and operational efficiency. We have a strict process and rigid support system in order to deliver professional facility management services.

Housekeeping & Janitorial Services

Clean4u has a well-trained and super skilled housekeeping and janitorial team that uses latest cleaning equipment and tools, eco-friendly cleaning products and proven processes for cleaning. By using eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and products, we promote the Go- Green initiative. We guarantee to achieve the highest standard of hygiene and neatness. You can contact us anytime to get our services. We are open for you 24 x7.

Our services extend to IT Parks, Campuses, Commercial Offices , Hospitals , Factories, Hotels, Banks & Financial Institutions, Academic and Research institutions, Sports Stadiums, Warehouses, and in fast moving environments such as Shopping Malls, Retail outlets, Multiplexes and Airports.

Clean4u divides its housekeeping and janitorial services in to routine cleaning, reactive cleaning and periodic cleaning. Routine cleaning ensures that most utility areas like toilets, meeting rooms, furniture, office cabins, floor spaces and other such routine work zones are cleaned and maintained properly, and from time to time. On the other hand, reactive cleaning services is taken up for maintaining full and safe use of facilities, managing spillages, restocking consumables and keeping a timely check on sanitary hygiene and cleanliness. Periodic cleaning refers to rigorous cleaning in communal and public areas, kitchens, vending points and cafeteria.

Garden & lawn Maintenance

Whether it is commercial or residential landscape maintenance or garden care services, Clean4u presents its seamless soft services within no time. Our range of services includes lawn maintenance, shrub reshaping and pruning, feeding and fertilizing, hedge cutting and trimming. We provide each and every service that makes your garden or lawn look at its best!

Clean4u promotes healthy growth of plants and flowers, at a suitable height and form, pruned in accordance with good horticultural practices as well as preferences of the clients. From deciding the planting designs, supply of plants, feeding and manuring tochoosing the right plants, Clean4u does it all. For all this, we consider certain important aspects like knowing the soil type, amount of light reaching the flower beds, theme of the garden and so on. All this in-depth study of hard and soft landscaping to make your garden or lawn beautiful is done by our dedicated and well-trained team. We take up garden and lawn maintenance on daily as well as periodic basis.

Pest Control services

Clean4u provides premium pest control services to your doorstep that ensures all safety and environmental requirements and complies with personalized solutions for your business and industrial purpose.

We design pest control schedules as per our client’s convenience and then, plan pest control strategies. With the use of our state-of-the -art technology, equipment and methodology, Clean4u has the best pest treatment solution in the town. All our chemicals and products are eco-friendly, keeping the well-being of our environment in mind. We also recommend solutions for limiting and preventing pest activities.

For commercial establishments, we offer Anti Termite Treatments (Pre construction & Post Construction), Rodent Control, Mosquito control and General Pest Management. While for residential set-ups, we provide Anti Termite Treatments (Pre construction & Post Construction) and Pest Control For Crawling Insects (Cockroaches/Red Ants, Black Ants etc.)