Corporate Houskeeping Services

Corporate Houskeeping Services

We at Clean4u, offer reliable corporate housekeeping services in Bangalore. Keeping the office environment clean helps employees to work in peace. Our team of highly trained & skilled professional will make your office into sparkling clean space.

Our commercial cleaning services has been expanded to many sectors like Corporate Office Cleaning, Retail Stores, Commercial Buildings, Factories, Manufacturing Plants, Shopping Malls, Educational Institutes, Hospitals, etc.

We believe in delivering most quality and excellent services. Our main aim is to provide complete satisfaction to our clients. We use 100% eco-friendly chemicals for cleaning services.

We Offer varieties of Corporate housekeeping packages:
1. One Time Cleaning
2. Yearly Contract
Our Commercial Cleaning Services include:
Routine maintenance activities relating to the general upkeep of the premises are programmed on a regular basis – daily, bi-weekly, weekly, etc. there are maintenance activities that occur outside of a formal work order system and for which no specific maintenance records are kept. Listed below are some of the maintenance activities.

a. Doors, windows and glass cleaning
b. Clearing of all dustbins in office premises.
c. Floor sweeping and moping.
d. Carpet area cleaning.
e. Chairs and sofas dusting.
f. Furniture cleaning.
g. Systems/Telephone dusting.
h. Cobweb removal of office premises.
i. Beadings cleaning.
j. Electrical fittings dusting.
k. Cafeteria cleaning.
l. Training, Server, IT, Hub and Electrician Rooms cleaning for scheduled days.
m. Pantry and common area cleaning.
n. Rest rooms cleaning and checking.

If you’re looking for a reliable and best quality corporate housekeeping services in Bangalore, give us a call right away.
Call: – +91-9844414141, to book any services.

Corporate Housekeeping Services