One Time Cleaning

One Time Cleaning

Are you too busy to take up cleaning work? Or Are you too lazy to avoid the cleaning of clutters? Whichever the case may be, Clean4u becomes your helpline. Cleaning is one of the most important chores that is always kept on priority. Agreeing to the fact that cleaning is quite a daunting task; however, you cannot ignore it since cleaning paves way to neatness and hygiene.

Is your house with full of Dust on fixtures & Fittings like,Fans,Light Fittings Etc?Do oil stains on your kitchen slab bother you? Do spider web in the corners of your home freak you out? Is your window glass full of marks? Does your furniture have uncountable dust particles settled on it? Clean4u presents one time cleaning services, especially designed to clean and maintain your kitchen, store room, bedroom, rest room, Rooms and Living hall. Now, no more stinks, stains, dirt and dust in your home! With Clean4u, unclean house is just a nightmare. However, if you don’t clean your home regularly, your nightmare can soon turn into reality. We are just a call or an email away from you.

Our skilled and expert cleaning team looks in to your entire cleaning contract. From removing stains in the kitchen, decluttering your store room to cleaning Clean4u provides a complete range of one time home-based cleaning services. The time you feel that home is turning in to cluttered, untidy place; that is the time to call Clean4u at your rescue. We are the most cost-effective, trained and professional cleaning team in town that safely negotiates with the adverse hygiene conditions.

Moreover, we offer specialized kitchen and doorway cleaning techniques that need to be availed ,All your unnecessary things get effectively dumped in the store room, leaving the area look like a utility area. We also give importance to carpet cleaning with our vacuum cleaners and cleaning agents backed by seamless technology. Since bedroom is considered to be the most beautiful place in the house, Clean4u provides unmatchable bedroom cleaning services that include cleaning the interiors and the washroom.

Clean4u is a one stop solution for residential as well as commercial cleaning.