Rest room / Bathroom Cleaning Service

Clean4u provides most dedicated and professional rest room cleaners in Bangalore. We provide quality sanitized cleaning services in Bangalore. We use most advance chemicals for cleaning. Our eco-friendly & organic chemicals keep the bathroom & restroom germs free. We never apply any kind ofharmful acids which may cause any damage to your tiles and marbles.

A dirty bathroom can give bad impression to other people

Bathroom or rest room Cleaning Service includes:

Bath tub, wash basin, taps, shower and fittings to be cleaned or hardwater scaling shall be removed.
Pot cleaning (Indian commode or Western)
Floors scrubbing
Bathroom Tiles shall be scrubbed
Bathroom Exhaust cleaning
Bathroom mirror cleaning
Cobwebs removal

We provide one-time washroom cleaning service & also annual contract packages. It takes around 2 hours to clean a bathroom. We take bookings for a minimum of 2 bathrooms only.

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